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Amber Heard Gets Pranked by Johnny Depp

Apparently, Amber Heard got the rudest shock of her life. And it’s not that her husband, Johnny Depp had threatened to leave her. No. It’s the very same Depp that she really adores that had tricked her into believing that her 1968 Ford Mustang had disappeared into the thin air.

Things were almost getting out of hand after Depp broke the “sad news” to her. The actress was now breathing fire. All she wanted was to get her precious junk piece back. To Amber, the car is more than precious definitely because it gave her a run for her money when she was buying it.
“I bought it as kind of a drivable piece of junk, a beautiful piece of junk,” Heard recalls in one of the sneak peeks. “The car cost me every dime I had.”
Though the car is quite old, it’s still in good condition. The star stated that she regularly drives it around Los Angeles.
The prank was reported during the shooting of Episode of Overhaulin’ that is yet to hit the screens.
Eonline reported that Amber was captured on tape ordering a cop to bring her Mustang back. The actress was really freaking out as she immediately got on the phone with such a long face. That was enough to show how he treasures the car.
What she did not know was that Depp was the mastermind behind the prank. In fact, her hubby had made arrangements with all the people that were involved. And the scare seemed to be real because even her dad was tagged along.
Foose had actually done his magic on the color of the body to give the old color a new cherry red outlook. And that’s why they succeeded in pranking Amber.
Judging by her statement and reaction, the car has a very special place in her heart. Amber pointed out that she does not allow anyone to drive her Mustang. It’s only her and her alone.
And when the truth finally came out. Amber was out of words. The star said she was thrilled by the new look of her car. “I’m overwhelmed! I can’t believe it,” adding, “I don’t let anyone touch my car!”
The star apologized to all the crew members for scolding them. Her eyes were all tears and smiles as she posed for a photo with her car.
“I’m sorry,” she says wiping away tears and laughing all at the same time. “I can’t believe it! Oh my God, thank you so much!”

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