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Do the Eagles have what it takes to win the Super Bowl in 2018?

On Sunday, the 4th of February in 2018, the latest edition of the world famous Super bowl event will commence. When someone asks whether the Philadelphia Eagles have it in them to win the Super Bowl, people would think it to be crazy, but Malcolm Jenkins recently said that it is not crazy at all to think that the Philadelphia Eagles can make the Super Bowl this year.

It is safe to say that The Eagles are not at all the favorites to win the Super Bowl this year but the Super Bowl has a reputation for being one highly unpredictable sporting event in the world. It cannot be ruled out. After their win, which was a 34-24 victory over the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles will now find themselves sitting atop the NFL with a 6-1 record.

It was a very convincing win and the Eagles are looking in top form to take on the Super Bowl and are actually considered now to be one of the favorites. With the way their quarterback Carson Wentz has been performing recently, it does not seem like a distant possibility anymore. They might just have it in them to win the whole tournament.

The Redskins fired the opening salvos in the game and managed to keep the Eagles’ offense under control through the first quarter. The fact that the Eagles committed four penalties on the first five plays from scrimmage. But with the form that he’s in, Carson Wentz and the rest of his team struck back and took the game to the Redskins. They delivered blow after blow to the opposing team and ultimately pulled away with a well deserved 34-24 victory. They have now increased the distance in the division race. With the likes of Carson Wentz and players like their running back Jay Ajayi and their receiver Nelson Agholor driving the team forward game after game, they are seemingly unstoppable right now despite really tough competition anticipated in the Super Bowl from the Seahawks and the Rams.

Wentz overcame the sluggish start in the game to turn in one of the most prolific performances his career has ever seen by what he displayed in the rest of the three quarters in the game. For the second time in three weeks, Wentz had thrown for four touchdowns. The fourth of which went to Nelson Agholor with only 11:14 remaining in the final quarter after miraculously evading the Redskins’ rush on a third down and 8 earlier in the drive. Wentz managed to finish 17 out of 25 passing for 268 yards with 4 touchdowns credited to him along with an interception and a passer rating of126.3. He was also the one who led the Eagles with 8 rushes for 63 yards. This Eagles team is being compared to the 2004 Eagles team. They might just go all the way.

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Do the Eagles have what it takes to win the Super Bowl in 2018?

On Sunday, the 4th of February in 2018, the latest edition of the ...


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