North Korea Missile Tests: Trump Confused while KJU Turns On the Heat

Last week on Tuesday, North Korea let loose a ballistic missile that flew over Japan, rattling USA and its allies in the South-East Asian region. Strong statements have been made from both sides. President Trump of USA has finally decided to get back to his older stance on North Korea with open threats of retaliation if provoked while North Korea keeps calling Trump’s bluff and is increasing pressure on USA, Japan, and South Korea with more detailed plans on what it says could be an impending nuclear attack on Guam.

Source: Vox

While America, UN, and other related states and institutions issued statements on the incident and warned North Korea to not provoke the US, Kim Jong Un tested a hydrogen bomb in its known testing site in Punggye-ri on Saturday, September 2, that caused a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, demonstrating North Korea had tested a 100 kiloton bomb that’s 7 times more powerful than the bomb USA used on Hiroshima.

This has further escalated the already building tension between USA and North Korea over the latter’s open threat to target Guam after its missile test last week. The threat to target Guam is a strategic one because the island has USA’s Andersen air and naval bases, which house over 6,000 American soldiers along with battleships and war planes that can easily be used in case USA decides to attack North Korea.

With the latest test over the weekend, North Korea says it is able to install the new hydrogen bomb on its intercontinental missile and target any major US city. While the chances of North Korea directly attacking a US city are still very low, the country’s capability to do so makes the threat a real one. With an intercontinental missile system that can carry the newly tested hydrogen bomb, North Korea now actually possesses the capacity to cause major damage to many US cities even if the missile system isn’t perfectly accurate. Pyongyang may also target one of USA’s allies closer to its territories.

In any case, an attack on US territory like Guam or one of its allies’ would certainly result in war, according to US representatives, including the Secretary of State. However, Russia has assured USA any military campaign on North Korea can have unprecedented and dangerous consequences, adding that any more sanctions on the country would also be counter-productive.

The real threat with North Korea is in how the country seems to display little or no care for USA’s continued threats. Pyongyang is playing with fire, and it looks like a strategic step. The country’s pushing for a climax for the American-North Korean dispute that may not end well for either countries and could result in a war of great magnitude that would involve many more countries than just the two.

What President Trump decides to do in response to North Korea’s display of now having both a hydrogen bomb and a transportation device capable of reaching USA is of great importance.

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