The Whaley House

Few houses in San Diego are as historically important as the Whaley House. In addition to being the Whaley Family home, it housed a granary, the County Court House, San Diego’s first commercial theater, various businesses including Thomas Whaley’s own general store, a ballroom, a billiard hall, school, and polling place. Significant events, such as the seizure of the court documents and records in 1871, and the suicide of Violet Whaley in 1885 profoundly affected Thomas and Anna Whaley. These events, as well as the hangings which occurred on the property before the house was constructed, have suffused the Whaley House with an air of mystery and added to its reputation as something more than just California State Historic Landmark #65

The Whaley House will be open extended hours the last week of October to put you in good spirits for Halloween. Be transported back to the nineteenth century with an October visit to “the most haunted house in America,”


Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca, Iowa

On a quiet residential street in this small town sits an old white frame house. On a dark evening, the absence of lights and sounds are the first indication to visitors that this house is different from the other homes that surround it.

Visits by paranormal investigators have provided audio, video and photographic proof of paranormal activity. Tours have been cut short by children’s voices, falling lamps, moving ladders and flying objects. Psychics have confirmed the presence of spirits dwelling in the home and many have actually communicated with them, and skeptics have left believers

Overnight tours are by reservation only and we suggest that you limit your group to ten or less.


House of the Seven Gables, Salem, Massachusetts

Due to a combination of social, religious, political and legal factors, 14 women and five men were hanged for the crime of witchcraft in Salem in 1692. Another man was pressed to death for refusing to stand trial, and an additional five people died in jail. This was at a time when most European people believed that witches were real and could cause harm. It is estimated that between the mid-fifteenth and the mid-eighteenth century, about 50,000 people were legally executed for the crime of witchcraft in Europe and its colonies. Before 1692, witch trials in New England had generally been infrequent, local occurrences involving few people. The Salem trials were different mainly because of the sheer number of people — about 175 — accused during the course of the crisis. 

The Witch Trials lasted for a short period of American history but left an indelible mark.

Get swept into Hawthorne’s tale of guilt, greed and revenge as the characters from The House of the Seven Gables (1851), come to life and recount their stories while you walk through.

Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, Missouri

You Be the Judge.

Join us for a haunted tour, discover new thrills with the Lemp Experience or spend the night!
Find out why we were selected one of CNNTravel’s “10 Spookiest Buildings in the World”.

The house was built in 1868 by St. Louisian Jacob Feickert. William J. Lemp and his wife, Julia, moved into the mansion in 1876. In 1911, the house underwent major renovations including conversion of some space into offices for the Lemp Brewery. The Lemps lived in the house until 1949 when Charles Lemp committed suicide in his bed.

In 1950, the mansion became a boarding house

Ferry Plantation House, Virginia Beach, Virginia

It is not known how long ago Spirits first began to inhabit Ferry Plantation House.  There have been rumors of activity throughout the 20th Century and now into the 21st.  We do know that the peninsula upon which Ferry sits has been lived on since at least the 1500s when the Native Americans, probably the Chesepian, who also built towns across the Lynnhaven River, used the area as hunting grounds.  Our Director, Belinda Nash, personally found dozens of arrowheads while gardening out on the property and during the construction of the Old Donation Farms neighborhood construction crews found what is believed a Native American graveyard.

Come take a paranormal tour of a historic Virginia Beach home. Join real Paranormal investigators who will tell you their personal experiences, along with stories heard throughout the years. Ferry has been investigated by hundreds of paranormal teams over the last 22 years, and always seems to give evidence. We will have Southeast Virginia Paranormal Investigations (SV PI), Spiritual Relics and Psychic Consultant Grace Gemini on hand for our event. Tours are scheduled and $10 prepaid. For tickets, call Cody Green @ 757-944-0500.

More info at:

Happy Halloween !!

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