Climate Change

Companies Changing The Way They Think to Combat A Growing Problem

Here is a look at some of the major companies that are changing the way they think to combat the growing problem of climate change.

It is no secret that lately, climate change has become one of the most pressing issues across the world. Since the birth of the industrial revolution, our everyday practices have severely damaged the natural balance of the planet.

According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the world needs to take rapid changes in all aspects of society to avoid disastrous global warming levels. At the present rate, the UN says that the planet will reach critically dangerous levels by 2030 unless immediate action is taken to counteract the effects of climate change.

Global industries have played a significant role in the prevailing climatic conditions. If any significant change has to happen to prevent major disasters, it has to be through these large companies. For their part, there are quite a few organizations and corporations fighting against the effects of climate change. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Elders Climate Action

Elders Climate Action logo
Logo of Elders Climate Action

One of the foremost organizations stepping up to the plate to combat climate change is the Elders Climate Action. This is a project of the Elders Action Network, which has partnered with other similar organizations and companies to encourage more sustainable business practices.

The organization is determined to change the national policies to improve our chances of preventing catastrophic climatic conditions in the near future. A commendable effort from an organization that primarily consists of people who might not live long to see the drastic effects change our lives, but they are determined to make the future better for younger generations.

JetBlue and Renewable Jet Fuel

JetBlue airliner
A JetBlue commercial airliner in flight

Commercial airliners contribute to a vast majority of the CO2 emissions in the air. In fact, taking a single return flight generates more CO2 than what the citizens of some countries produce throughout the year. This means that the airline industry needs to take an initiative for more sustainable practices. JetBlue is doing exactly that through its Climate Leadership project.

The company is offsetting over 2 billion pounds of CO2 emissions and investing in next- generation technology to improve airline efficiency. One of the company’s major commitments is the largest renewable jet fuel purchases in the history of aviation.

Renewable jet fuel is different from traditional jet fuel as it relies on biological waste for production. This way, the fuel can be sourced through more sustainable means and in a quicker manner. The switch to renewable fuel can drastically reduce emissions released into the air while maintaining the safety and reliability of commercial airline transport.

Nestle and Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil

Nestle is the biggest name in the food production industry. The multinational corporation has stepped up its efforts to control the supply chain and manufacture products through ethically and environmentally-responsible sourced raw materials.

Nestle has been heavily criticized for its use of palm oil in a lot of products. Palm oil is mostly produced through facilities that have removed large forested areas to make way for palm trees. This removal of forests has led to severe deforestation and a loss of natural habitat for wildlife throughout the world. Nestle has committed to change its stance on how its palm oil is sourced.

The company is now committing to use 100% responsibly-sourced palm oil for its products by 2020. The company aims to do that by blacklisting companies that do not comply with the new policies. Through satellite imagery, Nestle will ensure that there is no deforestation resulting from its supply chain.

For the longest time, Nestle has been a part of the problem. If a company of this scale is able to administer drastic changes, it can become a part of the solution to fight climate change.

Final Thoughts

While a lot needs to be done to fight climate change and its effects on the world, the steps being taken by the likes of the Elders Climate Action, JetBlue, and Nestle are commendable. In order to make a meaningful impact, these efforts need to be a part of a much bigger picture and convince large companies to change their business operations.

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